Xuelong arrives in Shanghai

Xuelong in the Arctic (Photo: Xuelong)The Xuelong has reached the port of Shanghai. It arrived home late last night after a successful journey.

The CHINARE5, Chinas Fifth National Research Expedition, completed around 30.000 km of sailing, 18.500 nautical miles, including 5370nm in the Arctic Ocean. 

A statement from the Polar Research Institute of China states that the expedition team has successfully performed various scientific research tasks. The researchers conducted a systematic geophysical survey, installed an automatic meteorological station, as well as launched investigations on oceanic turbulence and methane content in the Arctic area.

They also held academic exchanges with their counterparts in Iceland, and the two groups conducted a joint oceanic survey in the waters around Iceland.

The Xuelong left the port of Qingdao on the 2nd of July and arrived in Reykjavík, Iceland, on the 16th of August. It left Reykjavík on the eve of 18th of August and reached Akureyri the next day. After fruitful visits to both cities the Xuelong left Akureyri on the 20th of August and arrived just over a month later in China.

Research was conducted in both parts of the journey which was fruitful in all aspects.

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