Introducing Research Teams - Marine Geology and Geophysics Team

(Photo: Egill Nielsson) Marine Geology and Geophysics Team on the Snow DragonThe main purpose of the marine geological survey is a high-resolution reconstruction of the millennial and centennial changes of depositional and paleoceanographic records on the evolution of conditions and climate in the Arctic Ocean and it surrounding areas (the sediment distribution, conditions of surface water, volcanic tephrachronology, formation and distribution of sea-ice extent, paleo-productivity etc.) over the Late Pleistocene Holocene by studying the deep-sea sediments and oceanographic data.


Based on the results, the remote linkages between the abrupt climate changes of the Arctic and East Asia will be further discussed.

The importance of the team´s research occurs even more clear when the abrupt change of the Arctic Ocean

                                                                                                          and its influence on Asian climate, is taken into account.


Team leader, LIU Yanguang explains that the research of long-term and short-term climate changes gives general understanding of the current situation.

Iceland, because of active magma supply is an ideal area for mantle plume and hotspot studies.
The team will conduct its research in the Bering Sea, continental shelf of the Chuckchi Sea and High latitude areas of the Arctic Ocean.

Un until now the research had been conducted only in the northern Canadian basin. The samples provided from the Greenlandic Sea and the Central Arctic Ocean will be the first contribution to the world´s research.

The research will allow finding the linkages between lower and higher latitudes. This will lead to understanding of current climate change patterns and predict future changes in the Arctic ice covered waters.

The Marine Geology and Geophysics Team consist of ten representatives who will travel with the Snow Dragon to reach Iceland in the middle of next month.


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