Introducing Research Teams - Physical Oceanography Research Team

(Photo: Egill Nielsson) Physical Oceanography Research TeamDuring the 5th Chinese National Arctic Research Expedition (CHINARE 5) there will be conducted research investigations in the following scientific subjects: physical oceanography (including sea ice and marine meteorology), marine geology, atmospheric and marine chemistry, and marine biology and ecosystem.

These categories, which have also been the focus of all earlier CHINAREs, serve important roles in order to understand the rapid environmental changes taking place in the Arctic today and to show how they are of globally significance.

Today, we would like to introduce the Team conducting the research in Physical Oceanography with Mr. Yang Xiaodong as a team leader. (Click on the photo to enlarge)

The team conducts seven different kind of research work. They are sectional survey such as CTD/LADCP, mooring systems, shipboard instruments on route works as such as sea surface CT, expendable works such as XBT/XCTD, air-ice-sea interaction observation systems, ice stations, air-board works such as ice coverage.

National Arctic Research Expedition of Chinare has different goals as its main theme respectively, based on repeated field works in the Bering Sea and shelf waters in the Pacific – Arctic. However, the comparative analysis can be performed such as water mass annual variations, flow branches distribution and its main characters.

Mr. Xiaodong explains that the warm up of the surface water in the Arctic and sub – Arctic will change the global current pattern, which will bring great effects in decadal time scale. The air circulation will cause the great effect on China´s climate, especially during the winter and spring periods.

The team´s research will not only greatly contribute to the national but also to the global scientific community, by providing with basic data information and cover the blank sea areas in the history of the Arctic expeditions.

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