The Chinare5 expedition will strengthen the knowledge of the Arctic region. Several researches will be conducted in the Arctic and several papers and articles are likely be written on different topics.


Click here to see the National Report of the Polar Program of China, in English (2009)

Here are some resources of papers and articles, relevant to the expedition.

From the Chinese Journal of Polar Research:
 - Arctic Sea Ice Forecasting Experiments in the summer of 2010
 - Data analysis of Shipborne EM31-ICE measuring in China' s fourth Arctic scientific expedition
 - The adaptation of Arctic phytoplankton to low light and salinity in Kongsfjorden (Spitsbergen)
 - Topographic survey on the surface of glacier Austre Lovénbreen and Pedersenbreen in Svalbard based on GPS method
 - Summer freshwater content variability of the upper ocean in Canada Basin during recent sea ice rapid decline.

From the Arctic Portal Library:

 - North Meets North: Navigation and the Future of the Arctic. Technical Report. Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Iceland.

 - Breaking the Ice: Arctic Development and Maritime Transportation. Prospects of the Transarctic Route – Impact and Opportunities.
 - A Marine Security Regime for Northeast Asia.
 - Arctic sea ice associated biodiversity: importance and challenges.
 - Climate Change and Arctic Sustainable Development: scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges.

From the Arctic Council:

 - Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment 2009. Project Report. Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group.
 - Impacts of a Warming Arctic: Arctic Climate Impact Assessment.
 - Climate Change and POPs: Predicting the Impacts. Report of the UNEP/AMAP Expert Group.
 - Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Arctic. Arctic Council, Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
 - Arctic human development report

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